Friday, 28 September 2012

And if it could squint...

Lucas: So where should we start?
Peyton: Well, that's easy. I never feel at home until I unpack my music. You know, maybe we don't need to. We probably have doubles of everything, right?
Lucas: Actually I don't like The Cure.
Peyton: How can you not like The Cure?
Lucas: Well, their music's depressing and whiney...
Peyton: And if it could squint, it would be you. You do realize that the lyrics I spent all day painting at the River Court were The Cure lyrics, right?
Lucas: Oh I know, and I love the lyrics. Hate the music.

One Tree Hill - Season 6

The Cure - Pictures Of You

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Make A Wish

And when the moon looks down I'll be by your side,
remember peace is a state of mind

Living in the city really trying to make a dream for two,
and isn't it a pity when the cracks start shining through

Take centre stage, soon you'll realise you've been there all your life,
I think it's time that you take centre stage,
In the darkest light you still mesmerise.

Noisettes - Mesmerise