Sunday, 11 March 2012


I often think back in the 80s growing up would I choose to have all these amazing gadgets and gizmos (how old do I sound, I've never used that word in my life I promise before) at my disposal. The answer is always a resounding no. Don't get me wrong, i was lucky enough to have a Nintendo & Sega mega drive which were more than well used (saw thumbs a giveaway) but looking back even nostalgically they were nothing on todays frankly amazing machines. I'm sure we've all downloaded an old favourite and thought 'we actually used to spend hours playing this' :/ (I could still play Sensible Soccer for hours mind you. Mr Amiga had to be sent back to the cupboard along time ago) 

Some of my happiest memories were the trips across the Humber Bridge to the cinema & grabbing a quick game on the football arcade before & after. Now, you can get millions times the quality in your own front room, but would i have the same fond memories looking back? 

I'd like to think i'd still have been the same outdoor soul I was & I don't envy the youth of today (Ok I may have slight Victor Meldrew tendencies) in this world where they're exposed to so much so young.

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