Wednesday, 4 April 2012

But we're tied to the 90's

We seemed to be spoilt in the 90's for sporting moments & the soundtracks to accompany the memories (Pavarotti / New Order at Italia 90, Freddie Mercury with the Barcelona Olympics in 92 & the Lightning Seeds Euro 96). It may be that they were my nostalgic childhood years but I think it was more than just that. In a world where sport/athletes hadn't yet become super professional & satellite tv hadn't flooded the output of football in particular it there seemed to be a more raw special quality to it. I visited Wembley three times in the 90's but with London 2012 fast approaching over to you Freddie for a bit of nostalgia....

I hope a generation of children will be inspired by the sport/music mix later this year. I have a feeling the Elbow song will do us proud.

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