Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Twelve little TV oddities and me

1. I watch Pointless every weekday but only from the head to head challenge onwards (5: 40 on the dot) Still never tire of smirking every time Alexander Armstrong says 'my pointless....friend/trophy.

2. After nearly 31 years on this planet we call earth I still never miss an episode of Neighbours. Been between being on the lunch time or the evening shift nearly as many times as the storyline loop's been around. Home and Away comes and goes from my life but 'Bours will never leave me (Cue Scott/Charlene wedding music).

3. Some might say i'm stubborn. I wouldn't agree but i've always dug my heels in when it comes to must see films so have never seen a James Bond or Stars Wars film among many others.

4. If I wake up late (for me) & miss turning on BBC Breakfast news for the last local news update and then national sports news my day just feels wrong. This has nothing to do with Susanna Reid.

5. Why didn't I take a photo of the number 5.

6. I used to watch any rubbish on TV in the evenings but now prefer to listen to the radio (Radio 5-sport). Ok so Made In Chelsea may still get the occasional viewing.

7. I watch the daily politics whilst eating lunch. I find myself siding with no one and becoming more cynical.

8. If I put a radio channel on digital TV I find myself still watching the screen for no apparent reason.

9. I'm sure you've had enough of these now. I know I have.

10. I'm better at the numbers game than the letters round on countdown but only watch it if i'm at deaths door for some reason.

11. Gary Lineker really annoys me. I'm sure he's nice enough but how does he get away with being a TV presenter?

12. I always enjoy the swimming coverage best at the Olympics.

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